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Family Sized Inspired Caesar Salad

Family Sized Inspired Caesar Salad

This large side salad feeds four or more people when combined with other main dishes. Its an instant and classic hit that will turn everyone into an Inspired Go fan. It brings you more umami, more crunch, and more flavour in every bite, while keeping you feeling fresh and satisfied! Featuring shredded kale, parmesan cheese, smoky bacon bits, and refreshing sun-dried tomatoes, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy! The creamy homemade dressing is packed with flavour and texture and brings the whole salad together in perfect harmony. Mix it up and be prepared to have people coming back for seconds! Try the Inspired Caesar Family Sized Salad now.

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bacon bits • pepper sourdough croutons • parmesan cheese • sun-dried tomatoes • greenhouse lettuce • kale • homemade garlic parmesan dressing

SALAD CALORIES: 150 per serving (4 total) | DRESSING CALORIES: 190 per serving (4 total)

DAIRY SENSITIVE: found in parmesan cheese and dressing
GLUTEN SENSITIVE: found in sourdough croutons

At Inspired Go we have processes and procedures in place to attempt to avoid cross-contamination between ingredients. Risk of contamination is always possible, and we encourage you to be diligent in understanding the severity of your allergy before placing an order and enjoying any Inspired Go meal. Allergens that we recognize within our menu and that are processed within our facility are wheat, milk, egg, sulphites, nuts, sesame, soy, mustard, and fish.

INGREDIENTS: lettuce, kale, sourdough bread, parsley, bacon bits, parmesan, sun dried tomatoes, mayonnaise, canola oil, lemon, white wine vinegar, capers, dijon mustard, garlic, salt, pepper, CONTAINS: wheat (sourdough croutons), milk (parmesan cheese and dressing), sulphites (sun dried tomatoes and dressing), egg (dressing), mustard (dressing)

Due to ongoing supply chain restraints, we may be substituting some ingredients and/or brands of ingredients that we use in our meals. This may result in a slight fluctuation to what you are used to for the meals on our menu. We will always try to keep consistency a priority as we navigate the situation.

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